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Who Is The Worst Employer Amongst Coca Cola And Pepsi Pakistan

BY S.K.Rizvi | 09 Mar, 2020

Coca-Cola was invented more than 130 years ago by pharmacist John Pemberton in Atlanta. He probably had no idea back then that his invention would go on to shake the world and make billions of people addicted to its taste. But do the employees at Coca-Cola also have something to smile about? Coca-Cola is an employer that doesn’t always taste sweet. Ex-employees even find a few upsetting words to describe their experiences in their reviews: "The hours killed me, and my home life suffered," and "the company kept cutting help which put more and more work on less and less people". Well, these reviews don’t exactly make us want to "taste the feeling". However, one employee mentions: "Though the job is stressful and at times overwhelming, the company itself treats you well". For example, they give extra leaves when your baby is born and offer a great work culture as this employee writes, "everyone was very friendly". Another tells us that his co-workers are very supportive of others and everybody is treated with respect.


As most probably are aware that Pepsi was the second cola to make it onto the market. It’s the world’s second most popular soft drink and comes second when it comes to market share. But is it also the second-best employer? “Just a positive work environment and a decent mix of colleagues, "and "caring and friendly environment and great company to work for and lots respect", are just some of the things that ex and actual employees of Pepsi have had to say to Furthermore, you have good chances for advancement if you are doing a good job. One employee shares his career with, he started as a driver and is now a warehouse manager. But how hard do you have to work to come that far? Ex-employees also reveal the flip side of a career at the soft drink giant: "Expect to get emails 24/7 as well as phone calls on your days off. Also, your day does not end until the job is done. 15hr days are not non-existent". Besides long working hours, there also seems to be a different treatment when it comes to gender and age: "There’s a favouritism towards the older workers and they are unfair towards women." To compensate, they probably try to make up for this by sponsoring a lot of environmental projects and look after the future of our planet.


Both COCA-COLA and PEPSI seem to have a healthy perception amongst their employees when it comes to aligning company’s vision with human emotions. One can extract from this that both companies have shaped their internal processes that nourish the employee’s minds in achieving the common objective i.e. profitability.


Survey depicts clear picture when it comes to development of their employees. COCA-COLA comes a touch ahead of PEPSI, however PEPSI isn’t too far behind and it looks both companies continue to invest in human development which is essential for continuous growth of these gigantic brands despite of the fact that these companies have already reached maturity in terms of their respective product’s lifecycle.


COCA-COLA edges PEPSI on enablement and this may be due to a slight better environment offered by COCA-COLA to its employees. This is usually gauged by the resources put in place by an organization for its employees in order to excel at any given task within their respective scope of works, enabling them to showcase their skillsets effectively.


Yet again COCA-COLA comes on top here when it comes to the professional relationship between employees and the organization. Probably the most important indicator of all, here is where the employees derive their commitment. Higher engagement index means better staff retention and healthier working atmosphere. Engagement index PEPSI exists in the safer zone with potential improvement about employee and employer relationship.


PEPSI has been left behind again here by a few notches when it comes to assessing effective leadership scales in both organizations. Employees are likely to stick by longer and move towards the common goal by working as a team if the leadership knows how to get the most out of its employees by keeping them motivated at all times.


Both COCA-COLA and PEPSI remain the market leaders when it comes to beverages industry in Pakistan. Despite their tug of war in capturing the biggest market share, both companies continue to strive in raising the bar.


Our exclusive survey shows that COCA-COLA is edging PEPSI at the moment and can be deemed as a better overall employer in terms of employee’s satisfaction, motivation, involvement and commitment.

Disclaimer: Inside Job provides corporate surveys through real company employees which are completely independent and without prejudice.

Mohsin raza
11 Month(s) Ago.
The conclusion is missing it seems like author wants to put better image of coca cola company. Pepsi introduction is also brief. In Pepsi a driver become Warehouse Manager , As Pepsi company provided the plat form to learn skills and get the opportunity to attain a challenging position , so How coca cola is ahead of Pepsi in employee development and enablement.